The best travellers of the world

With the record of more than 11,000 Swiss families, which only for the holidays generate a turnover of over 50 million francs / euro, the Swiss International Holiday Exhibition in Lugano is the main gateway to one of the richest tourism markets in the world.

According to a survey by Visa Europe, Swiss people are, in fact, the most vacationing people in Europe, with an average of about 3 departures per capita per year, compared to 1.63 recorded in the other countries. Thanks in particular to an average income among the highest on Europe (1.7 times higher than in Italy and 1.3 times higher than in France and Germany) and the highest number of annual vacations in the world.

These numbers confirm the latest data published by the Federal Office of Statistics: on average the Swiss make 21.2 million trips a year with accommodation, of which about 19.5 million trips abroad , for a total expenditure outside Switzerland of 17.5 billion euro. Furthermore, there are 71.7 million day trips, of which 22% are abroad.

Therefore 87.5% of the resident Swiss population make at least one overnight trip during the year: the average number of overnight trips per person is 3, with 1 in Switzerland. Adults between 25 and 44 travel more, with an average of 3.2 trips per year, compared to 2.2 people older than 65 years old. Trips frequency differs significantly according to the language area: with an average of 2.9 annual trips per capita, residents of French-speaking Switzerland, residents from German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino (2.2).

Most trips are made abroad during the summer months (64%) from May to October. For trips abroad, 55% choose the hotel stay; the car is the most used transport (44%) both within the country and abroad while the plane is chosen for 41% of the trips abroad.

The international evolution of the tourism sector remains positive also in 2023 and Swiss tourists remains a strategic sector for the travel industry worldwide.


Million travels with overnight stay per year

 Billions of  Euro  spent in travels

Il mercato turistico svizzero87.5%does at least one trip with overnight per year
3travels with overnight stay per person per year
55%prefers hotel accomodation