The ideal location of the event

Switzerland is perceived abroad as a real financial paradise: leader in the field of finance and business, Swiss precision industry is renowned throughout the world. The swiss made brand means high quality, reliability, innovation, elegance and highest performance. All this makes the Swiss market a highly attractive market, which is not affected by the crisis despite the falls in foreign markets and therefore constitutes a safe investment for the promotion of a tourist destination.

The Swiss market has been classified for years by the World Bank as the richest in the world for per capita income and spending capacity, and in this sense represents the best reservoir for the development of a tourist destination. The City of Lugano, main institutional partner of the event, in this sense represents the ideal location to host an event of this scale: real financial capital but at the same time, a tourist area of great prestige of unspoiled natural beauty, Lugano is located in the heart of Europe and is well connected with all the areas of Switzerland. Home to a huge number of banks and business establishments, the City ranks third among the Swiss financial centers, behind only capitals as Geneva and Zurich. With its Mediterranean flair, Lugano offers all the advantages of a cosmopolitan city while keeping intact the spirit of its location on a human scale in which business, relaxation and entertainment merge in a unique and inimitable mix.